Dimes and Buttons

il_570xN.252956478It’s the strangest thing. I kinda sorta liked you all along but didn’t know how to handle it. You tried and tried while I tirelessly resisted. I didn’t want to, I had to. I’m glad I did.

This thing we have going on is fantastic. It’s weirdness and musical and sweet. It’s sensual and bossy and wordy. It’s invasive and secure and seamless. It’s everything when we’re wrapped around each other and I feel your heart race against my chest.

Every kiss feels like Heaven is shining a light down. Every touch is a whisper of our need for each other. Every smile melts my heart. Every laugh makes me fall a teeny bit harder. It amazes and scares the hell out of me.

I could lose, but I’ll swallow my pride. If it isn’t meant to be, I’ll drown in my own tears. If you ever decide to leave, I’ll walk you to the door.. And die one millions deaths when I close it behind you.

But what if…

I could keep you forever in my arms. In this bed. Would you stay here always in my embrace? If I hang on to you, will you hang on until there’s nothing left? Will we work together to make this the most solid, most fierce love affair in the history of time?

Please don’t change


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