Black Holes

It’s a Wednesday afternoon

8 hours to go

Until I’m in your bed

Time is too slow

Four hours to get ready

I must be perfect for you

For our first time

For whatever we’ll do

I’ll let myself in 

You gave me the key

And first pour a drink

To calm my anxiety

I’ll wait for you

To walk through the door

And give me the smile

That I adore

I’ll wait for you

To come over and kiss me

Run your hands through my hair

Tell me you’ve missed me

Kiss me while you lead me

Into your room

Trace your fingers along my skin

Lay me down in this tomb

Our stars are colliding

Crashing, they burn

Exploding at the lightest touch

You know I yearn 

For you. Your kiss. 

Your body. Your tongue.

On my neck. Inside me.

Pull the trigger, screaming gun

Shy. Hungry. Passion. Sex. 

The energy from our stars

Has become too intense

I collapse into you 

You collapse into me

Hot. Sweat.

Do it all over again to me


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