A Cobra and its Prey

Lies lies lies. They’re everywhere. Lies about big things, lies about the small stuff. When your mouth moves, all I hear are lies. I don’t know what’s real. Nothing.

Charm, charm, charm. You could charm a king from his castle, a cobra from it’s prey. It’s but a mask, a role you play, a way to hide. I won’t play along anymore.

Drunk, drunk, drunk. All the time, mean and cold. Nothing gets in but it all comes out. A pair of lifeless, hazy eyes staring back at me. I need to escape.

Apathy, apathy, apathetic. This has always been you, ever the charmer. No remorse for your crimes, no sympathy for the dead, no empathy for the living. One by one, everyone is leaving your side. I wonder why.

Alone, alone, alone. In your cell, in your mind, it’s you and the worlds you’ve created. No one left to save you now, except yourself. Like-minded people all around you, choose wisely, Love. 

You’ll never touch me again.


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