24:00 Hours

The clock is a little fast

Or maybe a bit slow

Time has shifted here

Now it has nowhere to go

Deep inside, a clock can be found

Tick, tick, tick – tock, no sound

The knob was too tightly wound

I’ll pick the motor up off the ground

Can you feel the hum of my ticking?

Does it vibrate the earth upon which you stand?

Does it sing from the trees like birdsong?

Can you feel the hum that you demand?

It grew dark in this place

Not a sound but a kiss

Not a sight that isn’t dim

Not a touch that isn’t a gift

Only a clock with our time on it

Reading 24:00 hours

Will our time ever come?

I sing the song in my heart

To the rythm of your drum

And keep holding on

Waiting for our time to come.


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