When Dad is Away…

We’ve been broken up for 9 months. He’s been in jail for 7. Not only was the stability of living with both parents disrupted, they haven’t seen their father since mid-October.

I try really hard to keep in the back of my head what they’re going through right now, but it’s so hard when they act out.

My oldest son (6) has been lying, picking on his siblings, giving me lip, and not listening when told to do or not to do something. Most days it’s mild, but lately it’s getting worse. He’s so freaking smug half the time. He’s still caring and sweet and protective, even respectful, but the attitude is starting to take over. I can’t stand it. I WANT MY SWEET BOY BACK!!

My middle son (5) is still good, he just whines all the time. ALL. THE. TIME! If the smallest thing doesn’t go his way, he freaks. Him and the oldest get along pretty well half the time, the other half they’re fighting like cats and dogs.

The baby is almost 2. He’s a cutie and smart as a whip. I guess that comes from having older siblings. He definitely has a little attitude, though.

My step-daughter is amazing, as usual. She’s polite, creative, funny, kind, and so silly! I know she’s going through a lot. I’ve been mom since she was 1 1/2, she’ll be 10 in 3 months. Ever since her dad went to jail, the kids have been going back and forth between me and his parents. Her birth mom has visitation twice a week. They have after-school activities. I worry that life is going really fast for her and she has little downtime.

I knew that when I left their father, life would be hard. I accepted that I’d have to start over and work really hard to get to a good place. I still understand that and I’m totally fine with it, I just wasn’t ready for the kids being without their dad for x amount of time. 

Hopefully he’ll be out by the end of this year. They need him.


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